appreciate your tokens of affection and tributes, especially ones that enhance my lifestyle in health, beauty, fitness, along with the finer things in life.
I love to read and learn, whether it’s ebooks on Kindle, audibles for my long drives, independent learning platforms such as masterclass or mind valley.
For me, the best gift choices are apple gift cards for app subscriptions, amazon, or just plain visa gift cards, Venmo, PayPal, or cash app for independent learning platforms.


Being a fitness and wellness enthusiast, I frequent online health, fitness, and nutrition supplements from amazon, whole foods, trifecta, Rogue fitness, pressed juicer, and Nike.
Gifts of eats and coffee are pleasantries that brighten my day, especially during my traveling.
Starbucks, whole foods, sweet greens, Uber, and Uber eats provides me with a sense of familiarity and consistency while traveling.
As an artist and creative, I frequently take time off to immerse myself in developing new projects. If you have a beautiful vacation space available to lend me to pursue my creative endeavors, Id be much obliged.